Bordello Rose Music Video

The new music video Benjamin Britworth co-directed last month for the fantastic band Bordello Rose has been released! Please take a watch -

Baby's Arms

©2016 (2015)
Benjamin Britworth

The morning was bleak. The farmhouse lay in shadow, creeping dawn slipping through the windows to touch the tired wooden furniture. Outside the sun shone cold with late autumn light, a washed out blue with hints of gold.
Elizabeth picked through her gilt hair, running her fingers over the knots and undoing them distractedly. Nothing could tempt her back to reality, not the weak coffee in her hand or the chirrup of the lonely robin outside. All she could think of was the news the Frenchman had delivered: the war was finished, and Edward was coming home.

Short Story

©2016 (2015)
Benjamin Britworth

Rufus had almost finished his speech. He licked his lips, tracing outward to taste the salty roughness of his kissers. With a hiss he drew breath, trying to work out where he'd lost his place. The audience sat bated, hanging on his silence. If only he could stop and hand over to the oh so plucky winner, but he couldn't. Not yet. It was too strange a place to wrap up. He might be able to switch to thanking everyone? That wouldn't do either, not in the middle of a sentence.“Errm,” he stuttered, his voice echoing across the hall. The quiet was intolerable, the tension palpable. He had to give up- No, wait! He saw his line and picked up his speech. Relief flooded his system...


©2016 (2014)
Benjamin Britworth

I smacked an elderly woman today, right before I slipped a blade between her ribs. I'm not proud of what I did, but I think she deserved it, especially considering the AK-47 she brandished at me. The gun wasn't loaded, oh no, otherwise it'd be my guts decorating the dirt instead of hers.
I think she intended to use the weapon as a bat to bludgeon my head in. My guess is that given the butt of the gun was rusty with blood I wouldn't have been her first kill. Today, it seems, just wasn't her lucky day.
Earlier this year Benjamin Britworth worked on the Ghost project for Colin David as a Production Assistant.
Check it out - here.